The cut show was performed and recorded at Riverside studio 38 years ago in 1976.
While the recording is not perfect and you might not get all of the references it still shows its relevance to British austerity politics today.
I must comment on certain aspects of it.
In the song about racism it refers to 6 million Jews dying in the second world war. The war crimes tribunal guesstimated that 12 million people died in the concentration camps of which 6 million were Jewish..and 6 million is a much quoted figure.
However many more Jews were slaughtered in the second world war under the rule of hitler and under his orders. And apart from the jews who were killed many millions of others were killed; Jewish civilians, LGBT,trade unionists,the Roma, at least 10,000 disabled people were also gassed at the outset of the Holocaust as well as many other conscientious people.
Scapegoating is a terrible way of hiding the true nature of this political device.
The cut show predicted a scapegoating of coal miners and afterwards John Major used single mothers as a source for all the problems of the world while the Cameron- Clegg axis are currently scapegoating disabled people with over 2000 fatalities.
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Buddy Bounds 1939-2014. RIP A jazz trumpeter who also wrote arrangements for Roy Orbison. The video shows Buddy Bounds performing with his band ’ Explosion’ at Oval House, Lambeth, London
in 1982. This video is possibly the only video available on the Internet.

(Source: vimeo.com)

Ever wondered on Flickr.Ever wondered why politicians do not take the needs of Disabled people seriously?

Ever wondered on Flickr.

Ever wondered why politicians do not take the needs of Disabled people seriously?

Heart & Soul 21 on Flickr.Covent Garden Chris Harrison on guitar.

Heart & Soul 21 on Flickr.

Covent Garden Chris Harrison on guitar.

Heart & Soul 5 on Flickr.Shows Alan Sutherland

Heart & Soul 5 on Flickr.

Shows Alan Sutherland

Rare Recording of interest to those studying transport history, history of London, planning history, disability studies, local government history, educationalists and other generally interested individuals.

The LSPU was set up after Margaret Thatcher had abolished the Greater London Council (GLC) by nine local borough councils because the abolition of the GLC left London bereft of any strategic planning authority. The LSPU was also abolished in 1988 when the local councils ran out of money to continue funding it. After which, until the appointment of an elected mayor of London, London was the only capital in Europe without a strategic planning authority, leaving London’s urban planning in utter chaos.

A copy of the audio cassette tape version of “TRANSPORT TODAY”. Published by the London Strategic Policy Unit in June 1987 which was free for people with visual impairments and those with dyslexia. It contains minor edits. None of the addresses mentioned can be relied upon.

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